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PEARonline publishes its second directory of fund placement agents

We are excited to announce the publication of our second placement agents directory for private capital funds. Until we launched the first edition of our directory of placement agents, there was no easily accessible or reliable directory available, despite the vital role placement agents play in fundraising.

The PEARonline directory of placement agents is the first of its kind and is updated quarterly.

Download your copy here.

PEARonline’s unique initiative

Since PEARonline launched in 2006, we have worked with numerous placement agents, providing them with data rooms for their fundraisings. PEARonline understands the importance of finding a placement agent that is best suited for a particular fund. The placement agents’ community is both vibrant and varied, with a range of placement agents operating in different settings, all with their own unique set of knowledge and skills.

However, as there was no single source of information on placement agents, it was difficult to facilitate introductions between placement agents and GPs. To remedy this, we decided to bridge this gap by creating our placement agents directory. The aim? For GPs to identify quickly and easily the most suitable placement agent for their fund.

In October, we launched our initiative to create a placement agents directory. A submissions process was put in place and promoted on PEARonline’s website and social media channels. PEARonline also reached out to our personal network of groups in the industry. Each submission was personally reviewed by PEARonline’s Founder & CEO, Simon Thornton.

“I’m delighted to announce the launch of our second placement agents directory following the success of the first edition. Our mission remains to improve communications and information flows in the private capital industry enabling better facilitation of introductions between GPs and appropriate placement agents. For GPs, having a single, reliable source of information on placement agents means they no longer have to spend time looking for suitable placement agents. Meanwhile, for placement agents, since this directory will be published across our website and social media platforms, their profile will be seen by a large community of GPs and LPs. We see this directory as a complimentary service to our fundraising data rooms and investor portals, which are designed specifically for the private equity and venture capital industries and through intuitive technology, make investor communications easier and more cost-effective.”—Simon Thornton, Founder & CEO, PEARonline

A single source of information for GPs looking for placement agents 

GPs can now easily review active placement agents and find all of the following information in one place

  • Placement agent’s name
  • Company name
  • Office location
  • Number of people in organization dedicated to private equity fundraising
  • Fundraising services offered
  • Number of mandates completed in the last three years
  • Amount of total capital raised and examples
  • Target geographies
  • Industry focus/niche
  • Their firm’s key differentiator


To download your copy, please click here


About PEARonline

PEARonline is a trusted provider of fundraising data rooms and investor portals for some of the world’s most active GPs, LPs, placement agents and fund administrators. Our platform helps these organizations streamline their investor communications and document management processes.  

Designed especially for the private equity and venture capital industries by a team with first-hand industry experience of investor relations, the specificity of our service means that it is more intuitive, targeted and suited to our customers’ needs. 

PEARonline’s clients range from sub-$50m to multi-billion-dollar funds, with GPs from California to Hong Kong trusting us with their LPs. Our customers trust us because:

  • We have been in business since 2006
  • Our team has extensive experience of working in very senior investor relations roles in companies such as BC Partners, Apax and Landmark Partners
  • PEARonline is not a one-size fits all solution; it is specifically designed for the private equity and venture capital industries
  • We have a proven track record: 97% of customers renew their subscription 

To learn more about our services, please visit our fundraising data rooms and investor portals pages.

Updated June, 2023

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